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Copyright & Terms

  SMO Pixel has copyright to all the pictures and texts on this web page and all pictures are in

  low resolution as well.
  Any reproduction, use or disclosure of any picture, short story or other text from this web page
  is not allowed without previously obtained permission from SMO Pixel.

  Use of any picture, short story or other text with a previously obtained permission, 

  then the following must be adhered to.      

     1)  SMO Pixel must be as byline.

    2)  When used in magazines, tabloid and/or news papers. A issue must  be sent to SMO Pixel of each  
          magazine, tabloid and/or news paper in witch the picture or text has been used.
     3) It is not allowed to edit or in any other way do any manipulation to the
          pictures or texts without previously obtaining permission from SMO Pixel.

    4) Picture used on the internet must be uploaded in low resolution, max 500 KB           if not other vice agreed with SMO Pixel. /