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Welcome to SMO Pixel

  At this webpage I will try to share my fascination of the huge variety of life in the sea, the fantastic marine history and ship wrecks with their even more fascinating but often tragic history of seamanship, heroism and tragedy. Not only in the cold waters of Denmark and northern Europe but also in the tropical waters.

As a result SMO Pixel mostly takes pictures under water. But as a naturally branch off, pictures from above water will be taken now and then. Therefore a part of this webpage is dedicated to pictures taken above water. 

My discoveries, challenges and other obstacles from the different dive trips I participate in, lead me to do some steam off by the use of the written word. The short stories that is a direct result of these fascinating dive trips is published here in the section “Short stories” in "below water".

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       Who is SMO Pixel:

 Soren Olsen have started SMO Pixel as a  naturally  consequence of his passion for  diving, taking  pictures and  
 the excitement of passing on the beauty of the world below
 the  sea and the fascinating  nature above.  

 Soren Olsen is educated:
 Abel Bodied sailor, Commercial diver and  holds the Master  mariner licens.

 Currently employed  in “Uni-Tankers” as  Chief  Officer and  works on board M/T Selandia Swan. 


Soren is holding the following sport diver certificates:

   CMAS: 2 & 3 star diver.
  CMAS: Basic and Advanced Nitrox diver.
  IANTD: EANx Gas Blender
  CMAS: Nitrox/Trimix gas blender & service technician.
  CMAS: semi closed rebreather (dräger ray).

  CMAS: 2 star instructor.
  CMAS: Basic Nitrox instructor.
  CMAS: Nitrox/Trimix gas blender & service technician instructor.


Photo equipment:
  Olympus GT-1
  Nikon D7000 in a Nauticam NA7000 housing.
  2 pcs. Sea & Sea 250 pro Flash.
  Nikon 10,5mm fish eye,
  Nikon 60mm macro,
  Nikon 18-55mm,  
  Nikon 18-105mm,
  Nikon 70-300mm.

Former equipment:                                                                                                                                     
  Nikon D80 in a Sea & Sea DX D80 housing. /