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Photos from my work

  Welcome to my gallery with Photos from the companys i have worked in.

  My work as mate (navigating officer onboard ships) has taking me around most
  part of the world
  and given me a lot of interesting and exciting adventures on board the different   types of vessels I through the time have been employed on board.

  Since the camera always has been close at hand on my voyages. I have been
  lucky to get some ok Pictures now and then.  

  Below you will find a picture that is a link to each Gallery. The vessels name
  below the picture is a link to a description of the journey and/or the vessels
To open the Gallery just click on the picture.
  If there is a text to the Gallery you can open it by click on the vessel name just
  below the picture and the text will open in a new window.    
Please enjoy

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